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Learn more about the products featured on Melissa Bacelar’s TV segments on The Hallmark Home and Family Show and The Doctors!

Pet Communication

Melissa Bacelar can communicate with your animals either in person or on the phone. She can read your animals that are living and those that have past. Click to learn more.

Pet Photography

Ava is a fashion photographer who loves the allure of pets.. Her specialty at Wylder’s is shooting your pet with you or your kids.. Take a photo for a card, memory or just for fun. Ava’s work can be seen at to book an appointment click here:

Puppy Parties

Our puppy parties can be done on site or we can come to you. These can be as elaborate or as simple as you like. For details on what we offer click here:

Essential Oils for Dogs

Dogs respond incredibly well to essential oils. The essential oils work fast and get into the bloodstream within 20 seconds of being applied. Essential oils do not build up in the systems like drugs do.