Mission Statement

Wylder’s will provide it’s customer’s with top of the line products, including food, toys and supplements. They will do their best to give their customers healthy, organic, GMO free and as often as possible recycled and with biodegradable packaging! Wylder’s wants their customer to come in to learn about their dogs health and needs. They will have a knowledgeable staff and unique and exciting holistic and homeopathic alternatives for dogs and their people.

Along with The Wylder Foundation they will also serve the community by taking in homeless dogs and housing them while they search for their forever homes. These dogs will be pampered while they stay at Wylder’s and they will work with trainers and Wylder’s SUPER HEROES to become the best family members around.

The Retail Store

dogsWylder’s was founded by Pet Communicator and Animal Activist, Melissa Bacelar. Her mission for the past 10 years has been to make Los Angeles a No Kill State by rescuing dogs and educating the public on the importance of rescue.

She believes that each dog is an individual that comes with specific needs both mentally and physically and she never will treat two dogs the same. As a mother she uses the same psychology with her son, Wylder. Melissa believes that every living creature is here to teach us a lesson and the lesson starts with us, taking the time to understand who that creature is. If we choose to welcome them in to our lives we are choosing to accept their quirks and their gifts.

The Retail Store will be filled with holistic products, special foods, wonderful toys, bowls, beds and everything you will need to pamper your pet. There will be items that fit every budget and a staff that will gladly help you find the products that you will need to live in harmony with your furry companions. Every item in the store has been hand picked and tested by Melissa, her mother Gail and their companion animals. Many of the items will be things you have never heard of and the products will be environmentally safe. Wylder’s hopes to create a store where you can feel comfortable and proud of the products you are buying for your pets. We have gone the extra mile to ensure that they are the highest quality and as earth friendly and cruelty free as possible. There will also be services including Dog Training, Pet Communication, Pet Photography, Massage and many other amazing things provided daily.

Wylder’s will also be the home to rescue dogs from Los Angeles’s Animal Shelters. They will rescue dogs under, The Wylder Foundation (a tax exempt 501c 3 Charity) and rehabilitate them and rehome them.

The Rescue

The Wylder Foundation

The Wylder Foundation is a 501(c)(3).

The Wylder Foundation believes it takes a village to save a dog. Our number one goal is to create a safe and inviting place for shelter dogs to live while they are looking for their perfect people. We feel that each dog deserves a chance to be exactly who they are and live their lives as joyful, healthy, fun companions to amazing humans. The foundation will take dogs from local kill shelters and rehabilitate them and get them ready for their new lives. Potential families will need to fill out an application and allow a member of the foundation to do a home check before a dog will be allowed to live with them.

The foundation will also be seeking volunteers from the community to help be these dogs SuperHeroes and socialize and train them. We will be providing free classes for these Heroes in the making so that they can learn how to work with and care for these dogs.. The Wylder Foundation believes that getting the community involved and educating them on the importance of rescue will help make LA a No Kill State.